About Us

What is JBQ?

JBQ stands for Junior Bible Quiz. JBQ = FUN! In a fast-paced race to the buzzer, two competing teams try to win as many points as they can as they answer questions about the Bible and its teachings. All questions and answers come from the official Bible Fact-Pak.

What’s so good about JBQ?

Junior Bible Quiz gives kids a desire to read and study the Bible! While they learn the JBQ questions and answers, they are learning God’s Word and how to apply it to their lives. One of the wonderful things about Junior Bible Quiz is the way it changes entire families, not just the children who are participating in the ministry.

What is the Bible Fact-Pak?

The official Bible Fact-Pak contains 576 questions and answers taken from the entire Bible. Some of the answers are direct quotations from the Bible, others are explanations of doctrine or are about those good old familiar Bible stories we all know and love. The 576 questions are weighted according to point value, with 10-pointers being the easiest, 20-pointers more difficult, and 30-pointers the hardest of all.

Who can compete in JBQ?

Children who are enrolled in grades one through six during the quiz year may compete in JBQ. Teams may consist of two to eight quizzers from a church. Although coordinated by the Assemblies of God, many other denominations compete– often at the National level!

Is there competition beyond the church level?

In the New Jersey District, there are currently 3 area leagues. Each area league consists of several churches who have at least one team each. The teams within each area compete against each other during regular season. A certain number of top teams from each of the area leagues then progress to District Finals in March. There, the best teams from across the New Jersey District face each other. The first place team from that competition earns a spot at the JBQ National Finals. A certain number of top teams from District Finals qualify to participate in the Northeast Regional Final, which encompasses the states of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine. The top teams from Regional Finals advance to the JBQ National Finals, which features the top teams from across the entire nation.

Is JBQ just for teams?

No! And it’s not just for kids, either. Individuals of any age (whether or not they are on a Junior Bible Quiz team) may memorize the questions from the Bible Fact-Pak and work their way through the Bible Master program. The ultimate achievement in JBQ is the Bible Master Award, which recognizes those who have truly mastered the Bible Fact-Pak questions. It is quite an honor to receive that award!

I’m ready! How can I become a quizzer?

What a great question! You are going to have so much fun learning God’s Word and making new friends! You won’t believe how exciting this program is. If you are not attending a church, it would be a good idea to find one with a JBQ team already in place. To do, send an email to If you are already attending a church, but there is no JBQ program at this time, you should speak to your pastor or Sunday School teacher about starting a JBQ program. Then have that adult check out this page. They can find out all they’ll need to know!

I’m an adult. How can I get a JBQ program going?

Good for you! Our kids are depending on folks like you to train them in learning the Word of God. The first step in starting a JBQ ministry is to seek the Lord’s guidance and ask for His help in doing His will. Then, check out this page to see some of the steps you should take. And by all means, contact our New Jersey District coordinator, Rich Osborne Jr. at to help you get your program up and running. He’s an excellent source of information and inspiration, and he will make sure you are hooked up in a mentoring relationship with another JBQ church, too!